Affiliate Marketing

Contact Ninja isn’t only interested in helping you expand your network and grow your business...

Join our affiliate marketing program and earn a commission that can offset and exceed your Contact Ninja subscription cost.

Imagine earning a generous discount on your monthly subscription to Contact Ninja's marketing software just by referring contacts within your network to subscribe to the same marketing program.

Not only will you earn commission from your own referrals, but you’ll also earn commission from their referrals, too! You can continue to earn commission on referrals up to five levels deep—that adds up quickly!

Once your Affiliate Program discount exceeds your monthly product subscription fee, you will begin to earn an Affiliate Program Commission—income that goes into your pocket, or back into your business, with each subsequent referral you and your associates have made.

Become a "Founder's Affiliate"

Many of our clients will join our affiliate marketing program, but right now you have the opportunity to be a founding member of our affiliate program, and begin building your network of affiliates—and earn a commission while you do it.

Don’t we all wish we could have been involved in a company like Facebook or Twitter from its onset? Do not miss out on this opportunity to become a founding affiliate member in the very early stages of the Contact Ninja company. Our vision is to have our software platform on every phone and tablet, just like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

The power of our Affiliate Marketing Software program is in the leverage and the duplication of customers you attract. You may refer five associates to Contact Ninja. You earn a residual commission not only for them for the time that they are members, but also for their associates who they refer.

You can continue to earn commission for up to five levels deep of subsequent referral, and offset not only the cost of your own subscription, but also earn additional income above your membership fee. When your associates subscribe to one of our more advanced plans (Enhanced, Professional, and Enterprise), your base commission increases as well.

Contact Ninja marketing program exists to expand your business’s network and marketing potential. It only makes sense that featured within our business model is an opportunity for our clients earn a commission to expand their network by expanding ours, as well. We gladly provide a commission to our clients who simply share their success with their associates, and introduce them to the affiliate marketing program, so our clients and their associates can begin to earn extra monthly income.

It may take some clients several years to work up to a monthly commission that they’re satisfied with, and that’s perfectly fine. We are excited to welcome our clients to earn their own income by spreading the great news about Contact Ninja.

Ready to become an affiliate?

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