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Contact Ninja Contact Management App

So many small business owners and entrepreneurs are on the move. We aren’t sitting behind our desks, in our offices, from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. We are out in the world, driving from one business meeting to another, meeting customers and prospective clients here and there and, well, everywhere.

We need tools that are as flexible and portable as our business practice is.

Contact Ninja software isn’t only a tool you can use from your desktop or laptop computer. It is a contact management app. The fact that our contact management software is also an app means that it is on the go, just like you.

Everything you do on your desktop computer to grow and strengthen your social marketing network, you can also do on your smartphone. If you can network like a ninja in your office or even at home, you can network like a ninja out in the field, with our contact management app.

Network Ninjas Cross Platform Application
Available on Mobile and Web

How many times have we been working with other business owners or entrepreneurs and we’ve heard “I’ll get that to you once I get back to the office”? How many times have we said that sentence ourselves? We want to make instant connection with potential clients. We don’t want to leave anyone waiting for anything. The longer a client or potential customer needs to wait for further contact from us, the likelier it is they’ll move on to one of our competitors. Employing a contact management app prevents this time gap. I helps you create these instant connections with the members of your network.

Contact Ninja contact management app improves your business’s marketing capabilities by aggregating your contacts from all your other apps and all your lists and spreadsheets (think Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more) into one easy-to-use and intuitive app.

You aren’t exerting all your energy, and wasting precious time, keeping track of seven, or eight, or twelve different avenues through which you communicate with your contacts. Now, you will only have one: Contact Ninja contact management app.

Having your whole list of contacts all in one app, at your fingertips, dramatically lowers the possibility that you will forget to return someone’s text. You won't forget to follow up with your information to prospective clients and customers, either.

Choose the Plan that fits your unique business needs

Contact Ninja offers four plans for our contact management app, each with more tools and helpful features than the last. We have a plan for the smallest, newest business venture. We have a plan for the entrepreneur who has multiple business ventures, and for every business owner in between.

Contact Ninja is a contact management and marketing outreach platform for network marketing. More about Contact Ninja.


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