Building your list the right way

Managing the contact information of clients and potential future clients is absolutely crucial to running a business. Businesses can thrive or fail depending on how well an entrepreneur or business owner organizes and maintains their lists of contacts. It is entirely too easy to let a potential client fall through the cracks because no one remembered to follow up with them. We make contact with so many people everyday, through a variety of communication channels, that it can become dizzyingly tedious to keep track of the details of all of these points of contact.

How do you manage contacts and clients across different platforms?

You and I have the same struggle that every business person experiences: we make connections and maintain professional relationships with people in a wide variety of ways and through several different social platforms. We keep in touch with old high school buddies on Facebook. We initiate professional connections with colleagues on LinkedIn. We keep email addresses in our Gmail account for everyone from Great Aunt Sue to our accountant. There has got to be a simpler, more streamlined way to manage contacts.

We are proud to present exclusive contact management software from Network Ninjas! This software aggregates your contact lists to one master list, simplifying the process of communicating with your contacts. Our contact management software also weeds out duplicates, so your colleague’s entry on LinkedIn and in your Outlook account merge seamlessly into one contact.

Merge Duplicate Contacts
merge duplicate contacts

Our contact management software’s intuitive design makes it a breeze to navigate. The software interfaces with your iPhone or Android device, drawing not only from social media platforms and email apps, but also with spreadsheets containing lists of additional contacts and your device’s address book.

No longer will you find yourself needing to juggle clients on various platforms, shuffling from Outlook to Facebook.

Did you make contact with potential client Frank through LinkedIn or via a text message? Some business owners may struggle to remember these details, but you won’t have to worry. Network Ninjas’ contact management software will consolidate all of this information for you onto one, intuitively-designed, easy-to-use service.

Solutions to fit your need

This contact management software is offered with any of Network Ninjas’ four tiered plans. This software is packaged with other features to help your business grow. Our basic plan is offered at the affordable rate of $9.95/month. If you are looking for a greater set of tools from Network Ninjas to help your business grow, please consider our enhanced, professional, and enterprise plans, each with an increasingly greater bundle of features for your business.

We appreciate the reality of every entrepreneur and business owner that your time is precious. We have experienced this truth ourselves. Your time and attention are pulled in so many different directions. Network Ninjas’ contact management software maximizes your time by freeing you from spending hours jumping from app to app and list to list in search of specific clients and future clients.

Think of how much time can be saved by having access to one master list of contacts.

The world of commerce is abuzz with small business startups and growing businesses. Likely, there are several businesses vying for the same commercial space as your company. Give your business every advantage that you can. Allow Network Ninjas to help your business thrive.

Network Ninjas is a contact management and marketing outreach platform for network marketing. More about Network Ninjas.


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