Digital Business Card

A new solution for sharing your business information

Contact Ninja provides you and your business with a creative solution to a rather tedious and cumbersome issue that every business everywhere has to address: business cards. Business cards are necessary. They communicate your business’s information to clients and potential clients. But they are also easily lost, discarded, forgotten about.

These issues disappear when you use Contact Ninja digital business card. Our digital business cards can’t be tucked in the back of a folder, forever forgotten, or tossed in a waste basket. They reduce waste and clutter, and communicate to clients that your business is current with the latest technological trends.

Our digital business card ensures that you aren’t just handing out your information to clients; you’re capturing their information.

Imagine capturing contact information from everyone who acquires your digital business card. Your network will expand rapidly. When a client or potential client asks for your business card, you can offer to text them your digital business card, which will require that they give you their phone number or email address, or some other form of communication. And just like that, you now have a way to contact them about your business.

Collecting potential clients’ contact information as you distribute your digital business card allows you the flexibility of building a relationship with other people over time. You are guaranteed a way to contact them in the future, so you won’t feel the pressure of closing a deal with them on the spot.

Many potential clients simply don’t respond well to high-pressure sales situations, and Contact Ninja's strategy of accumulating your network’s contact information while disseminating your own contact information cuts down on the feeling of urgency in cutting right to the chase as you meet new people.

The business card of the future

Contact Ninja's digital business card offers your business so many more options than a traditional, paper business card does.

With a digital business card, you can provide clients not only with your company’s name and contact information; you can also include videos, details about your products, and links to your company’s website. You don’t just hand them your business card; you present them with a miniature website of sorts. The digital business card revolutionizes the way businesses present themselves to clients.

The card that grows, evolves, and changes as you do

We know that, as businesses grow and evolve, key information on their business cards may also change. Your business may outgrow its location and move to a bigger office. Employees may be promoted or change position titles. With traditional business cards, these kinds of changes require scrapping all the old, outdated cards and printing new ones.

A benefit of the digital business card is it is as easy to edit its information as it is to edit a word processing document. And, because you have collected people’s contact information as you have shared your digital business card, you can easily text or email your updated digital business card to your network.

Contact Ninja is a contact management and marketing outreach platform for network marketing. More about Contact Ninja.


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