Network Marketing Software to build your business

A small business owner or entrepreneur spends a large portion of their days marketing their company, their products, their services. Businesses require a healthy number of clients to grow and thrive. Your business will never achieve the success that’s possible without its business owner focusing on network marketing.

We also know that business owners and entrepreneurs rarely spend their days stagnant. You aren’t sitting behind a desk for hours on end. You are on the go. You are traveling from place to place. You are meeting with clients and visiting business sites. Your tools, your software, your job travels where you do.

Contact Ninja's network marketing software travels with you. Our network marketing software is on your desktop, your laptop, your tablet, your smart phone.

You’re growing your network while you’re in the back of a taxi, while you’re grabbing lunch at the corner deli, while you’re brushing your teeth at night. You need a network marketing software that goes where you go.

Contact Ninja's network marketing software streamlines your business’s marketing efforts. As a business owner or entrepreneur, you work hard all day, every day, growing your business.

When you can work smarter instead of harder, you are wise to jump at that opportunity.

Our network marketing software doesn’t take the human touch out of marketing. You will still be able to assure your clients and contacts that it is you, a person and not a machine, replying to their emails and texts, returning their phone calls, engaging with them in an individualized and customized manner. But you do not need to take extra steps manually when our network marketing software can take those steps—or even eliminate the need for those steps—for you, like reminding you to follow up with a potential lead.

With our network marketing software, you won’t need to jump from app to app, from email to text, from your computer to your rolodex, ever again. The app tracks your conversations across different mediums and aggregates them into one

Embrace the change

Waste baskets and recycle bins fill up with mailer fliers and paper business cards. People don’t want to clutter their homes with more stuff. That mailer that your business snail mailed to thousands of potential clients likely didn’t see the light of day. Many go straight from the mailbox into the trash can. Transcend those technologically deficient businesses and embrace a network marketing software that capitalizes on the way people today consume information and communicate with one another.

Contact Ninja is a contact management and marketing outreach platform for network marketing. More about Contact Ninja.


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List building made simple with aggregation across multiple platforms.

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