Powerful Marketing
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SMS Marketing Software

Contact Ninja offers unique SMS marketing software that allows your business to market to clients using basic text messaging technology. Your prospective clients and contacts may not be checking their email constantly throughout the day, but everyone glances at their phone or tablet when a text message comes through. Our SMS marketing software capitalizes on the accessibility of text messaging to your network of contacts to communicate details about your business, coupons, and special offers, while also building and maintaining relationships with your clients in an respectful and nonthreatening way.

Contact Ninja SMS marketing software avails you and your business access to our digital business card feature, so you can use simple text messaging to distribute your business’s information (while also capturing information from new people to grow your network). Our SMS marketing software streamlines the process of disseminating your information and eliminates unnecessary waste and paper materials that are likely to be lost or discarded.

Our SMS marketing software allows you to create different groups of contacts within your network so you can send text messages to specific people with certain interests.

This feature of our SMS marketing software allows you to send one text message to all your new clients, welcoming them to your business, and another text message to all prospective clients, perhaps with a special offer or other incentive to gain their business.

Our SMS marketing software includes a tagging feature, helping you remember your contacts’ interests, and marketing your products to them in a smarter way. Create groups of all your contacts who live in California, or all your clients who have served in the military, so your group text messages can be tailored to the interests and experiences of your diverse group of contacts, without sending text messages to others in your network to whom the content of the text doesn’t apply.

Text messaging can be a welcomed, nonintrusive way to maintain targeted communication with prospective clients. Having the capability, through our SMS marketing software, of tagging your contacts with their interests allows you to send personalized text messages to larger groups of people, causing your contacts to feel valued, while also saving you the time of manually sending out hundreds or thousands of personalized text messages.

Think Outside the Box with SMS

SMS marketing provides you with opportunities to market your product to clients in ways that other types of marketing simply cannot provide. Because SMS marketing is quick, easy, customizable, and inexpensive, you can send text messages that are time sensitive and location sensitive; you can update your clients with new details about your business; and you can text specific clients with information that only pertains to them.

SMS marketing text messages go with your clients, because their mobile devices go with them. It may take clients several hours before they sort through their email, or perhaps days before they address the junk mail on their kitchen counter, but a text message is received and read within minutes, giving SMS marketing an edge over traditional advertisement methods.

Contact Ninja is a contact management and marketing outreach platform for solo-preneurs & network marketers. Learn more about Contact Ninja.


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